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Las Hamacas

Our Delicious Story

Las Hamacas specializes in a wide variety of traditional food that we grew up eating in Honduras.

These dishes are made with love and prepared with only the freshest ingredients daily. We’re your go-to place as we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our food selection includes a variety of seafood, vegetable, and meat dishes that are sure to make you feel like you’re transported in the Caribbean – that’s a guarantee!

Featured Delicacies

Fresh From the Kitchen

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T6. PASTELITOS (2)- Beef & Rice Corn Pies


2 handmade seasoned corn dough pies stuffed with savory ground beef & rice served with our House salad, pickled onions and our authentic Rumba sauce

TS. ARROZ CON POLLO - Chicken Rice Casserole


Una deliciosa mezcla de arroz con tiritas de polio y vegetates frescos estilo paella, ensalada de papas y platano maduro

Our version of Paella style chicken & rice casserole, served with Honduran style potato salad & caramelized fried plantain

S3. SOPA DE RES - Coastal Beef Ribs Soup


Savory Honduran Costa/ style soup made with seasoned bone in beef ribs & fresh veggies

T8. YUCA CON CHICHARRON - YUCCA with Pork Cracklins


yucca with crispy homemade pork cracklins, topped with House salad, pickled onions and smothered with our authentic Rumba sauce

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