Our Story

Las Hamacas’ History

In 1998, la Familia Caceres Urbina begins to work on the biggest project of their life, Las Hamacas Restaurants. With a clear vision and a firm conviction to create a unique concept, la familia would be able to successfully penetrate the food and service industry and gain the market share necessary to open, operate, and establish a new restaurant business. All efforts were made in founding the company now known as Las Hamacas Restaurants Corporation, a food establishment that represents the flavors of Honduras Inland with an emphasis on its strong Caribbean influences.

During the same year of 1998, the largest natural disaster “Huracan Mitch” greatly devastated the country of Honduras, living thousands homeless and many others in total poverty. This event prompted a massive migration of Hondurans to the USA in search of better opportunities; many of them making Houston their new home. The search for new opportunities and the growing Honduran community of Houston solidify the idea of recreating a real Honduran Caribbean eatery with authentic bold flavors, coastal ambiance, and colors, always playing a wide variety of tropical and International music rhythms, a friendly attitude creating a surreal feeling of sassy, and fun place to appeal to all cultures alike. With that in mind, the name “LAS HAMACAS” or “THE HAMMOCKS” was carefully chosen, as a symbol of laid-back fun and enjoyment. The hammock is an important element of the tropical Honduran culture and lifestyle. It symbolizes welcoming, friendliness, and unity. It is very common to gather on or around a Hammock and share with family and friends, to rest, and even sleep on one.
Las Hamacas Restaurants enters the marketplace in May of 2000 offering a fresh and new concept based on the fusion of cultures of the North Caribbean region of Honduras, where the mix of the African, Caribbean, Spanish, and Mayan cultures still prevail and is well rooted within the community. A region where the small-town style of living merges with the exotic north ocean shore, smashing beautiful beaches, and stunning cheery sunsets creating a unique setting for enjoying great seafood, hot handmade tortillas, a cold drink, and a comfortable hammock under a coconut tree while listening to the diverse selection of tropical rhythms as reggae and watching the locals putting up singing and dancing shows for everyone to enjoy. The exotic and savory flavors served at Las Hamacas Restaurants’ Kitchen are the direct result of such strong influences.
Las Hamacas Restaurants begins its history of success without a business plan, financial backup, delineated budgets, and a total lack of knowledge of the food and service industry. However, there was no lack of physical, mental, and emotional strength. There was a clear goal, a shared desire of achievement, and family unity which provided the right elements to found, operate, establish and grow the company to four locations of Las Hamacas Restaurants in Houston in a five years period pioneering the movement of Central American Cuisine concepts in the city of Houston, Texas, United States.

Las Hamacas Culture


The Honduran Cuisine Is Very Traditional And Well Rooted In Its Fusion Of Four And Very Different Cultures And Has A Unique And Defined Taste Because It Encompasess The Blend Of Such Cultures Integrating Them In Our Everyday Living.
At Las Hamacas Restaurant We Understand This Unique Combination And We Make It Part Of Our Daily Business To Share With Our Customers Those Elements Of The Honduran History And Heritage. It Is Our The Tradition To Provide A Surreal Recreation Of A Real Honduran Eatery Through The Ambience, The Bold Décor, The Music, The Friendly People, And The Delicious Food.

The famous “SOPA DE CARACOL” or conch meat soup is well known internationally as a music rhythm known as Punta, a sensual yet fast-paced and happy dance. Las Hamacas has made “Sopa de Caracol” famous for its flavor, the base of this savory dish is coconut milk which in combination with seafood is believed to create a mystic and unexplainable sensation of happiness. It might be the combination of two aphrodisiac components, the seafood (conch meat) and coconut milk in addition to the authentic ambiance created by the décor, music, and friendliness of our staff.
We specialize in the foods of the North Caribbean region of Honduras, where the fusion of the different cultures provides an exotic combination of products that influence our kitchen with bold flavors, colors, and aromas such as coconut, plantains, yucca, and much more. The name “Las Hamacas” or “The Hammock” is an invitation to come, eat, and relax in a casual setting, laid back attitude, and delicious savory foods. To make the experience complete we have recreated the Honduran ambiance with friendly people, rustic yet colorful décor, and a large selection of music rhythms for everyone’s enjoyment. At Las Hamacas, we guarantee an authentic recreation of the Honduran lifestyle, its people, and its foods. The experience will be anything but ordinary!
At Las Hamacas you will find a vast selection of Honduran authentic recipes, a large selection of seafood entrees, and several original recipes of Las Hamacas Restaurants, these last ones with a twist of American flare. At Las Hamacas we serve beef, chicken, pork, seafood all of them in a variety of ways, however; people keep returning for the authentic “Sopa de Caracol” or conch meat soup and we have made it a tradition to talk proudly and loudly about such delicatessen.

Our Values


Within three years, Las Hamacas will not just be a restaurant, but instead, a destination to experience authentic Honduran and Caribbean flavors, connect in a relaxing and fun environment, and discover the influence of a rich heritage that your family will love.


Within three years, Las Hamacas’ investment in our people will exemplify high-quality standards through effective communication, meeting and exceeding service guidelines, and demonstrating friendly professionalism before, during, and after the customer’s experience.


Within three years, Las Hamacas will inspire a new vision of leadership by setting the example for others through strengthened core standards within our daily operations that focus on maintaining profitability and persistent risk-taking while increasing the Las Hamacas brand and marketability.


We are committed to providing our customers with a unique experience through the authenticity of our culture, friendly customer service, and quality food in order to become the brand of choice.


Within three years, Las Hamacas will develop an effective workforce with efficient operations through consistency of processes in human and facility management.